Monday, March 1, 2010


This article was definitely thought to read. Realizing the effect some of your comments have on gay people is almost overwhelming. I think some of the information might have been dated but for the most part still holds true.

" is not estimated that one third of all adolescent suicide victims are gay, approximately one-quarter of all homeless youth in the United States are gay..."

Theses two stats really surprised me i would not have thought that they would be both such a high number. It really makes you think about how you could have been a part of this with what you thought was a harmless joke.

"Given I have no comment, I'm not even going to get into this discussion. I'm going to keep my opinion to myself"
I think this quote shows how even though gayness has become more acceptable it is still hard for people to talk abut it. I think that it will be a touchy subject fro awhile. I personally if i was a teacher would probably shy away from talking about it.
. "Given the realities of being "out" in high school, this strategic closeting of one's gay identity unfortunately continues to be a safe response, even if it comes at the cost of lying about one's life."
This is hard to read because you know it is true. I believe that this countries majority still is against gayness and it is definitely still frowned upon. But i think that if we just accepted it it would make there life easier and probably wouldn't bother us as much.

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